Switching to Molded Pulp

Switching to Molded Pulp

7 Jul 2020

Mindsets are shifting. Manufacturers and consumers are choosing environmental, sustainable options like molded pulp. This applies to anything from reusable spray bottles for cleaning supplies to taking steps to reduce plastic waste. People notice how much they’re throwing away when they buy something at the store or get a shipment from an online order. All of that waste is a cost on them and the sender as well. These habits are even extending into purchase decisions. People are now keenly aware of which companies are working towards greener initiatives and will favor them. 

The companies that pay attention to this trend are going to come out ahead in costs and consumer satisfaction. Heavy, bulky materials increase overhead, drive up the cost of the product, and reduce the company’s yearly profit. To meet these demands and improve the overall business, companies are choosing molded fiber inserts as part of necessary, protective packaging. Molded pulp is lightweight, recyclable, and more shock absorbent than other options.

Why Molded Pulp

Molded pulp, also called molded fiber, is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. It’s compostable and will biodegrade into viable soil within 120 days. This rate is significantly faster than traditional shipping materials which can take over a decade to even begin to break down. Our process for making molded pulp packaging starts with clean, used newspapers and cardboard boxes. These are shredded to a fluff-consistency. Next, they enter the manufacturing phase. 

Manufacturing Process

Molded Pulp Packaging is able to handle all of your protective packaging needs. Our process is backed by years of industry experience. We mix the shredded fibers with water and our specialized, eco-friendly binding agent, press it through the mold, and extract out all of the excess liquid until it is solidified. 

If your company has chosen a universal mold like wine shipping boxes, candle packs, or egg cartons, we’ll move right into the manufacturing process after you place your order. Our company can also do custom molded pulp packaging upon request. We’ll tool and prototype the custom design in-house. This allows us to maintain tighter control over quality at each stage of the process. After years of industry experience, this approach is exceedingly more efficient than allowing a third party to handle it. 

Here are the types of prototyping we handle:

  • Rapid Prototyping: This uses 3-D software to show you the imagined, finished design
  • Performance Prototyping: We test 40-50 prototypes internally according to lab standards
  • Production Tooling: We manufacture the molds and make the first versions of your molded fiber packaging
  • Finished Product: We test the first pressings and send you samples. Once approved, we move to the manufacturing process

Molded Pulp Packaging is founded on innovation, top-notch customer satisfaction, environmental consciousness, and consistent quality. We want every shipment from our door to yours, yours to the customers to arrive intact and protect the integrity of your product and our promise to you. Contact us today to learn more about switching to sustainable packaging. 

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