About Us

Molded Pulp Packaging specializes in a wide range of molded pulp products including Wine Shippers, Clamshells, End Caps, Trays, Candle Packs, and Custom premium molded fiber packaging for worldwide distribution. We place our primary focus on products that protect shipments of consumer and industrial goods. Molded Pulp Packaging also serves the hospitality, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Our corporate headquarters is in Jacksonville, Florida. We have distribution centers and sales offices across continental North America.

What We Do

Molded Pulp Packaging focuses on innovation, top-notch customer satisfaction, environmental consciousness, and consistent quality. We’re committed to staying on this path and outdoing our previous best for you year after year.

We are all about customer satisfaction. At Molded Pulp Packaging we want every customers’ shipment to arrive intact, protecting the integrity of your outgoing product and of our promise to you.

About Our Network

Our global distribution network is designed to meet client requirements in real-time alongside our highly skilled sales team that will ensure your needs are met.

Highly Responsive

We value each and every relationship with our customers. Our aim is the long-term so we also make business decisions that serve you. Our lean management structure allows for streamlined and timely responses and helps keep us competitively priced against our competitors.

Our Services

Aside from our global distribution of molded fiber packaging, we also offer the following services:

Account Management

We assign you to a team based on your geographical location to enable faster response time and personal service.

Inventory Management

We offer this service to work in collaboration for optimal warehouse functions. Our team can monitor inventory and notify you when supplies are running low, keeping track of minimum inventory requirements. We also coordinate manufacturing and distribution activities to further meet the needs of our clients.

Warehousing and Distribution

Our geographical spread ensures timely deliveries. On request, we can manage the flow of products through our centers around the world.


We provide consultative supply services to clients that need operational advice. We’re equipped to handle business analyses, software assessments, and supply evaluations.