• Custom Packaging

    Custom molded pulp packaging for a wide range of product applications is our specialty.  Whether you’re packaging aerospace parts or medical devices, molded pulp can work for you. Molded pulp packaging can be designed either by making a mold from an existing product, designed from 3D drawings of your product, or based on a similar design to a former packaging method.

    Consumer Products

    Molded pulp trays and inserts are the perfect, environmentally friendly solution for packaging consumer products such as personal care products, gift sets, toys, candles, essential oils, and a range of items that need internal protection.

    Beverage Packaging

    One of our most popular product lines, pulp shipper trays are great for shipping wine, beer/beverages bottles and cans.  Our molded pulp trays offer the best solution for break free deliveries at an affordable price point. Shop for these products online at our sister ecom site at the link below.


    Eco-friendly dinnerware and to-go supplies are a rapidly growing product category for good reason.  Reduce your organization's carbon footprint by making the switch away from EPS foam trays and plastic cutlery to 100% biodegradable products made from recycled materials.


    Growers are moving away from plastic and going back to molded pulp trays. This sustainable packaging solution can be used for agricultural trays for packaging vegetables, fruits, flowers, wine bottles, egg trays and much more.


    As more industries continue to refine their environmental mission, the healthcare industry is moving towards sustainable consumable products. Bed pans, urinals, wash basins, kidney-shaped bowls and coated clamshells can be used safely.