Sustainable Swaps for School Supplies

Sustainable Swaps for School Supplies

13 Aug 2021

Sustainable Swaps for School Supplies

It's that time of year when families are anxiously expecting classroom supply lists and considering what their children require to begin the school year on a positive note. Rather than purchasing brand new, there are more sustainable options. Keep reading to find some sustainable swaps you can make this school year.

The following are some of the sustainable school supply options which parents can consider purchasing. 

Choose a backpack made from recycled materials.

Backpacks are a necessary purchase for most ages, but how can you make a more sustainable choice? Purchase a high-quality backpack made from recycled materials! Check out this affordable option here

Shop small businesses for eco-friendly options!

Small businesses are likely to have more environmentally friendly school supplies, rather than big box stores. Individuals who would like to limit their ecological effect have an increasing number of options! There are several sustainable online marketplaces where you can find eco-friendly school supplies, as well as office supplies. Check out this recycled notebook here

Pack your child’s lunch with sustainable trays! 

Many schools and daycares have implemented a requirement when packing lunches to only use single-use materials. That could be a lot of plastic in the landfill! To reduce your carbon footprint, you can start using highly sustainable pulp berry trays for your kids. They’re biodegradable and eco-friendly. 

Shop sustainable options for clothing.

The best part of back-to-school shopping: clothes! Unfortunately, the fashion industry has one of the largest carbon footprints. How can you do your part to reduce your carbon footprint?  Make some sustainable swaps! Shop second-hand! Check out your local thrift and consignment shops for recycled clothes. Shop local! Some local boutiques in your area are likely more eco-friendly options than fast fashion. While purchasing new garments, choose organic over synthetics. Natural textiles are breathable, and they don't lose micro- plastics once washed.

Shop second hand for a more sustainable option!

You’ll likely be purchasing books for your children. Second-hand bookstores are the best place to look for books! You'll save a lot of money, while also saving trees! You can find books on eBay, in a secondhand shop, or by borrowing books from the library. Another option, eBooks or audio books! These options are likely less expensive and more a more sustainable option.

If you're looking to purchase school items for your kids, sustainable packaging is a great choice. You have so many environmentally friendly resources at your fingertips! Start making sustainable swaps and you'll be prepared for a great and long-lasting back-to-school season!

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