Sustainable Packaging Swaps You Can Make Today

Sustainable Packaging Swaps You Can Make Today

13 Jul 2021

Looking to change your box packaging from plastic and foam to sustainable packaging? The past year has given us all a little extra time for reflection, focus and understanding what truly matters to us. We may want to shake up what we do and how we do it to better ourselves and our impact on the environment.

For a lot of us, growing concern about the Earth, its inhabitants, and the impact we’ve seen on our oceans from packaging pollution has been enough of a push for us to at least dip our toes into the sustainable packaging pond. 

Eco friendly packaging just sounds better, right? We’re smiling at just the thought of it.

At Molded Pulp Packaging we’re all about environmentally-conscious, top notch quality products that will leave you feeling a little brighter and a little happier.

Here are five easy sustainable packaging swaps that you can make today.

Eco-Friendly Fruit Trays

The first on our list of sustainable swaps are our molded pulp trays, perfectly created to hug your fruit and veg, to keep it safe from bashes and knocks. 

There are also sustainable packaging options for flowers and egg trays, all designed with sustainability and product safety in mind.

Consumers are happily buying more and more sustainable packaging for fruit and vegetables every year, so why not be part of the movement to help it stick.

100% Biodegradable Sustainable Disposable Dinnerware and Takeaway Supplies

Demand is rapidly growing for more sustainable disposable dinnerware and takeaway supplies after the boom in stainless steel and paper straws.

Consumers are hungry (pun intended) to get their food delivered to them in packaging that makes them feel good about not only the food that they’ve ordered, but the packaging that it has arrived in.

Even food delivery services are actively encouraging and out-right banning plastic cutlery and excessive amounts of serviettes packaged with food.

Our products are 100% biodegradable, high quality and made from recycled materials. Make the switch and join the movement! Shop here! 

Molded Pulp Packaging for Beverage Shipping

Sustainable, molded pulp packaging for wine, beer and other glass bottle shipments are fast becoming the norm.

Investing in high-quality sustainable packaging will save you and your company plenty of money and will ensure that costly shipping, packing and product fees don’t swirl the drain through glass bottle breakages.

It’s easy to make the switch today and leave harmful foam packaging a thing of the past.

Eco Friendly Consumer Cosmetics Packaging

With more soy-based candles and all-natural cosmetics hitting the market year-on-year, it’s no wonder that brands are looking for sustainable packaging that protects their brand image and ethos.

We are able to create molded pulp trays to effectively (and stylishly) house your consumer products.

Sustainable Packaging for Consumer Personal Care 

Another area with growing demand for molded pulp trays are personal care products, such as mens’ grooming kit sustainable packaging and ladies’ shavers sustainable packaging.

We pride ourselves on our super response rate, so to get a quote from us today, please head over here.

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