Multiple Options for Protecting Shipments

Multiple Options for Protecting Shipments

24 Jul 2020

You’ve spent countless hours and resources creating a product that you’re proud of. Now, it’s time to distribute it to both intermediaries and end-users. Understandably, if what you’re selling is in any way fragile, protecting shipments is more stressful. A delivery with damaged products is harmful to your reputation both online and by word of mouth. Inversely, using large amounts of non-compostable materials is also unfavorable. Today’s consumers are more reactive when they receive a box with styrofoam or excessive plastic. 

At Molded Pulp Packaging, we specialize in offering sustainable and cost-effective protective shipping materials made from 100% post-consumer molded fiber. Let’s go through our main product offerings and how they could benefit you.

Wine Shippers for Protecting Shipments

Wineries need wine shipping boxes that protect their product and ultimately the integrity of the company. Glass bottles, especially when full, require comprehensive shock protection. The inserts should keep movement to a minimum but also not add weight as the full bottles already add to the shipping costs. 

We have multiple sizes available including:

  • 1 Bottle Shipper
  • 2 Bottle Shipper
  • 4 Bottle Shipper
  • 6 Bottle Shipper
  • 12 Bottle Shipper


Hinged, molded clamshells are mainly associated with eggs, but can be used for protecting shipments of many other goods. Companies have started using clamshells for personal care products, kitchen utensils, and take out containers. These new applications have gained momentum as consumers are now highly conscious of packaging waste. 

End Caps

With more than 20% of consumers buying furniture online, there is an increased need for sustainable inserts to safely ship furniture. End caps cover all of the right angles of chairs, couches, and other decorative pieces that are potentially vulnerable to shock during shipment. Furniture that arrives partially broken is not only frustrating, it also places a loss on the seller as the customer will certainly expect a replacement. End caps can be custom-designed. We create them for anything from countertop appliances to electronics. 

Molded Fiber Trays for Protecting Shipments

Molded fiber trays are now for much more than drink carriers. They can be modified to be used as food-grade trays. Although these applications seem simple, we treat every project with the utmost integrity. Our trays will cycle through multiple design phases until we know they’ll be durable enough to withstand significant moisture from sauces and drink condensation. We understand the importance of making sure that the end result is the absolute best that it can be. 

Candle Packs

Our candle packs are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and perfect for protecting shipments of jarred, glass candles. We offer candle packs that fit 14 oz to 16 oz candles with round or flat lids. Our standard sizing options include 1,3, 4, and 6 packs. As a product that has a lot of weight and is fragile, it is important to protect outgoing orders against shock and breakage. Our molded fiber candle packs ensure snug protection from door to door. 

Why Molded Pulp Packaging?

Do you need custom configurations? We can help you with that as well. Our team is equipped to design, prototype, test, and produce custom-designed molded fiber packaging. Our global distribution network can meet your needs in real-time. You won’t need to wait to hear a response. Reach out to us. Our team can get you started today. 

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