Molded Pulp Packaging: Why It’s The Right Time to Switch

Molded Pulp Packaging: Why It’s The Right Time to Switch

21 Dec 2020

There are a multitude of ways your business can practice sustainability where it matters most, no eco-friendly business strategy is complete without the use of molded pulp packaging. It’s a no-brainer and must-have for any business shipping or packaging products. 

Companies today are beginning to invest more time and energy in sustainability. It’s the cool thing to do these days and we’re all for it! Especially considering the current state of the world and the growing concerns with the environment, going green is a smart move for anyone.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t currently use molded pulp packaging. Instead, they utilize corrugated cardboard, styrofoam, and plastics with their products. To make matters worse, those businesses don’t even know the mistake they’re making!

So, why make the switch to molded pulp packaging? 

Molded pulp packaging has been around for over 100 years, so it’s not a new concept. With that said, it’s been improved upon throughout the years and is currently the most sustainable packaging material available. There’s nothing quite like it!

It’s made out of 100% post-consumer recycled goods, is biodegradable so it doesn’t hurt the environment, and can be recycled itself for continued use. A majority of the molded pulp today is made out of newspapers and discarded boxes. 

Since molded pulp packaging doesn’t cost as much as other packaging materials, you save a considerable amount of money everytime you package or ship something. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, no matter what month or holiday it is! 

Not only that, but molded pulp packaging is built to last. It’s extremely durable due to the impressive shock and vibration protection it provides. While you never truly know the type of journey your product will encounter when en route to the customer, molded fiber packaging keeps your product safe and secure. 

Molded Fiber Products

There are so many reasons why every business should adopt molded fiber as their material of choice when packaging and shipping products for the customer. It’s what they want to see and it’s what helps your company grow. 

Aside from all of that, it’s highly versatile and can be applied in a variety of ways -- including:

  1. Wine Shippers - wine is valuable, which is why it needs to be protected when being packaged or shipped. 
  2. Clamshells - this type of packaging involves two halves that open like a book. A good example is an egg carton.
  3. End Caps - this molded pulp packaging design helps protect delicate edges of the product and avoid damage.
  4. Trays - you’ve likely used a molded pulp tray when ordering drinks to go at a fast food chain.
  5. Candle Packs - anytime you’re packaging or shipping glass, protection is extremely important. 
  6. Custom Products - one of the things that makes us great is our ability to meet our customer’s needs, no matter what those are!

The opportunities are endless with this material and it’ll continue to be our favorite material on this planet. It doesn’t matter what molded pulp products you’re looking for, Molded Pulp Packaging is prepared to satisfy your demands. Don’t hesitate when making the switch to molded pulp packaging. Instead, contact us today and learn more about how to get started with our wonderful process! Trust us, you’ll be surprised by the molded pulp packaging cost and will wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner!

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