Pulp Packaging: Fruit and Vegetable Trays

Pulp Packaging: Fruit and Vegetable Trays

10 Sep 2021

The demand for biodegradable molded pulp packaging is now growing rapidly.  The research by the Centers for Disease Control reveals that less plastic consumption in our environment means more protection. More people than ever before are exploring eco-friendly food and vegetable molded pulp packaging. Let’s discuss the benefits of adding more environmentally friendly food packaging trays

Can Sustainable Packaging Decrease Packaging Cost?

Any consumer who wants to reduce the consumption of plastics in food bundling will find huge variations in the form of sustainable packaging. The market of food packaging still needs the high exposure of environment-friendly packaging that is less costly and can be used to store foods for the long term. 

The advancement of sustainable vegetable and fruit packaging brings up the market and provides a cost-effective solution to the food packaging industry. The primary benefit of using these packaging is to store fresh food items for the long term in retailing shops and commercial sectors. 

Molded Pulp Packaging Trays for Storing Vegetables:

Molded Pulp Packaging brings the opportunity for remaking and reusing packaging that minimize the cost of packaging as well. These trays can be used for making vegetable packaging, and because of their durability and breathability, they keep the vegetables fresh for periods of time. Consumers and product manufacturers can place their company logos on these valuable trays as they deliver high sustainability with regards to the visible and clear look.  

Branding with Molded Pulp Packaging 

Branding with creative packaging is a necessity for every business in every industry! Creating a sustainable brand is equally as important. Utilizing your packaging AS your branding! 

Why Do Consumers Prefer to Buy Sustainable Packaging for Vegetables and Fruits?

Market interest for sustainable and biodegradable foods, vegetable and fruits packaging is on the ascent. Molded Pulp packaging is becoming popular all over the world! Sustainable packaging is on the rise. 

The cause for its popularity is because they are made of organic materials, it’s eco-friendly, and durable. Molded Pulp Packaging protects your vegetables while saving the environment. 


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