Eco-Friendly Solutions

Eco-Friendly Solutions

6 Jul 2020

More and more consumers are seeking eco-friendly products and packaging. They’re taking notice of how much plastic and non-compostable materials are in the products they buy and it affects their decision-making. The companies that are adjusting their operations to fit this shifting perception are going to come out ahead. 

This doesn’t solely focus on the product itself. Yes, certain consumers are going to forgo personal and household items that contain dyes, chemicals, and non-organic ingredients. People are thinking about what is in their products. They’re also thinking about packaging. There is a growing trend away from synthetic materials and towards recycled, compostable packaging.

Mostly, we see molded pulp or molded fiber. This material is popular for drink carriers, trays, and egg cartons. It can be used for much more though. Molded pulp can be used for consumer and industrial products, protecting wine shipments, and custom-designed product inserts. 

Is Molded Pulp Eco-Friendly and Compostable?

Yes. It is made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials. This makes it eco-friendly,  biodegradable, and recyclable. Molded pulp packaging starts with old newspapers and cardboard boxes. These go through a shredding process until they’re essentially fluff-consistency. We mold them together with water and an organic binding agent so they keep their shape. After they’ve been used and thrown away, they’ll biodegrade within 70-120 days.

Why is Molded Pulp Eco-Friendly?


Starting with recycled and post-consumer materials greatly reduces production costs for us and that savings is passed onto you. These savings could be upwards of 70%. In addition to the cost of the actual product, molded pulp packaging is lightweight and ships stacked. This translates into higher volume shipments at a lower frequency. Your staff will not need to spend time assembling the pieces as they’ll be ready to use right away. Ultimately, making the switch to molded fiber packaging can increase your profit and reduce overhead.


Molded pulp is made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials. This makes it the most efficient shipping protection on the market. Non-organic materials can add weight and increase costs, but molded fiber is light and shock-absorbent. Even better, your environmentally-conscious customers will take note of your extra attention to details with packaging.


Molded fiber can protect much more than eggs. Companies are cleverly using it for personal care products, packaging inserts to hold things in place, and more recently, in wine shipping boxes. As spirit regulations loosen across the United States, smaller companies are able to take advantage and share their product with a wider market. To ensure their shipment arrives intact, many makers are utilizing molded fiber packaging to reduce shipping costs and protect their wares from door to door. 

The Molded Pulp Packaging Advantage

We produce a wide range of eco-friendly molded pulp products including wine shippers, clam shells, end caps, trays, candle packs and custom-designed upon request. We have distribution and sales offices across continental North America and are always ready to serve you. Our goal is to provide much more than the product itself. Reach out to us to learn how we can help save your business resources, overhead, and delight your customers. 

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