10 Benefits of Molded Fiber Packaging

10 Benefits of Molded Fiber Packaging

11 May 2021

Molded fiber packaging is not a new product despite the numerous innovations that are happening. Molded fiber products have been around for over a century. You are probably aware of molded fiber products in retail stores, such as fast food carriers, grocery store egg cartons, and many more. This kind of packaging has fast become popular in modern times. 

If you’ve ever been selected to get coffee or lunch for everyone at the workplace, then you’ve probably come across the drink carriers made of molded fiber packaging. It comes with a lot of benefits, and it just might be what your business needs. It’s often used in protecting and separating products such as coffee cups. 

Below are 10 of the benefits that you will realize from molded fiber packaging. They will help you answer the simple question, what is molded fiber?

It’s Recyclable

A good molded fiber packaging from a suitable vendor should be partially or fully made from recycled material. It means that the customer can recycle the packaging once they have received the product, which is encouraging at the end of the day. 

The current generation is the primary consumer and has been raised when global warming is a major concern. It becomes pretty impressive to receive their package intact with recyclable materials.

Maximizes space

If you are in the logistics and warehousing industry, larger fiber molding comes in handy when nesting and stacking products on pallets to increase storage and transport capacity. You will have a lower need for additional space if your pallet counts are on the maximum. As a warehouse manager, it will give you more space, hence more options. Using molded fiber packaging in your storage plan will provide you with more space to store your products. 

Offers maximum Protection

Protection is one of the benefits that molded fiber packaging comes with. It is molded to fit any kind of product in the box or hold it in place, like in the case of cups. When the product is held still and fits perfectly, there are fewer chances of damages during the shipping process. This material beats other packaging options in the sense that it blocks, supports, cushions, and braces whatever product it forms into.

It’s Sustainable

Molded fiber packaging is biodegradable and causes no environmental pollution since it’s easy to use and reprocess. In cases where they are disposed of, they can return to nature by being broken down into their source compounds.

Molded fiber is low on carbon, especially one produced from renewable crops, which means it easily breaks down into the environment. It can be recycled or composted. 

Reduces labor costs

This packaging option doesn’t require folding or any additional handling, enabling you to cut labor costs.

Promotes business

Eco-friendly packaging is becoming favorites, and you can get an increase in your customer base because you are not using polystyrene or plastic packaging. Sustainable packaging is becoming more popular as more people become aware of their environment and would rather avoid polluting it. 

It’s competitive in terms of cost and quality

When it comes to cost, molded fiber tends to beat plastic and polystyrene foams. A good example is the egg carton tray compared to the other packaging in the grocery store. Molded fiber products can simplify rather complex import logistics processes. Furthermore, domestic manufacturing tends to reduce the risk in that particular supply chain.

It’s superior in performance

Molded fiber performs better compared to plastic and polystyrene. What’s important is the packaging must perform as required despite the ethical standards or price point involved.

It’s versatile

The three points that are often considered during packaging are performance, cost, and sustainability. A product has to meet these three points, whether it’s sustainable or not. Domestically produced molded fiber meets all three points.

Custom designed  

Molded fiber packaging is not limited to one design. It’s custom and can be designed to whatever specifications you need. This benefit allows it to be used in various packaging designs for different types of products. 

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