10 Reasons Sustainable Packaging Is Worth The Investment

10 Reasons Sustainable Packaging Is Worth The Investment

27 Feb 2021

For companies looking to ground themselves firmly in the market, sustainable packaging is not only a surefire way of increasing sales but also a cost-saving move. And since it is eco-friendly, more sustainable packaging companies are adopting it in shipping more of their products.

It is a fact that shipping methods can determine the perception customers have towards your brand. However, it would be best if you also thought about the effect the packaging method has on the environment, cost, as well as protection of packaged products.

Many packaging materials contribute to the escalation of your brand’s carbon footprint. As more clients become conscious about environmental protection and are backed by numerous government regulations aimed at conservation, you also should think in the same line and adopt green shipping methods.

As a trickle-down effect, retailers are obliged to utilize sustainable packaging materials. And the benefits realized go beyond mere environmental protection!

So, why should you adopt green packaging methods?

Here are 10 reasons why you should venture into sustainable packaging:

It Saves the World

This is straightforward. The global community is pumping more into ensuring the environment is ideal for all life – and this is also your mandate as a retailer.

While mega corporations generally steer the whole aspect of sustainability and conservation, small businesses, which are the majority, are also playing a pivotal role.

Sustainable packaging materials are an easy way of minimizing both business’ and customer’s carbon footprint. Based on an EPA study, packaging materials comprise a third of household waste, and most packaging is designed from plastic which poses a risk to the environment.

The point here is – sustainability doesn’t imply that you make it a core value for your brand or you investing millions in the right packaging. It simply means listening to and joining your customers in environmental conservation.

Pushes your Brand Further

In 2021, there’s nothing that can stop you from shooting your brand to the moon. There are innovative eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, which let you custom-develop your brand’s website from scratch. You can also pay patronage to the countless blogs which have helpful advice for startup companies.

Basically, success can be as easy as a tap of a button.

On the flip side, ease of access also implies stiff competition. The market is flooded, and it’s harder to be one step ahead of the competition. This is the case for branded retailers, who deal with collections from existing products. To keep a competitive edge, you need to find ways of being unique.

For a start, implementing sustainable packaging is an excellent way of saving the environment and increasing sales volume. Why? Because more consumers are conscious of the impact, their purchasing habits have on the environment.

Let’s say many investors are dealing in the same line of products, but you’re the only one using sustainable packaging. Consumers find this unique and will opt for your brand.

Spend Less, Save More

For a long time, it has been a widespread belief that plastic and polystyrene packaging is abundant because they are cheaper. Keeping this in mind, most people expect that molded packaging should be expensive. If not, more brands would be using sustainable packaging.

Not quite! While considering cost per unit, paper and fiber packaging materials are higher priced. However, these materials can be reused and recycled countless times along the production cycle for the long term.

On top of that, if you consider their weight and dimensions compared to plastics, you find that plastic takes up more space. Sustainable packaging is lightweight and slimmer, saving not only space but revenue in the long term.

Appeals to More Customers

Worldwide, the demand for environmentally friendly products is gradually rising each day. Multiple studies have proven that adults prefer eco-friendly packaging, and your environmentally-friendly attitude will boost your sales.

Improves Brand Perception

Implementing sustainable packaging in your retail cycle improves the perception clients have regarding your brand. In their eyes, you will seem more responsible and conscious about the environment. A recent study showed that clients felt positive dealing with brands whose packaging was made of recycled materials.

No Need for Harmful Plastics

Efforts against many environmental issues, including global warming, take center stage when it comes to sustainable packaging. Reducing the volume of plastic and plastic products is the driving force behind environmental conservation. On top of that, numerous studies have shown a direct link between the plastic packaging and some health problems.

Shows That you Care For the Environment

Many corporate firms are spearheading conservation of the environment within the society and not necessarily destroying it.

In Walmart’s 2018 Global Responsibility Report, CEO Doug McMillon emphasized that one of the firm’s leading objectives is to be a trusted company that adds value to society.

When mega-companies like Walmart make such bold declarations and walk the talk, the effect is felt on a colossal scale.

It’s the Law

Consumers, as well as the government, are also taking part in eco-conservation. Policies and laws that guide shipping practices necessitate retailers to adopt sustainable packaging on a global scale, more so in places like China, Singapore, and the European Union.

Goes a Long Way in Keeping You Healthy

It’s impossible to separate health and environmental concerns since environmental issues also influence our quality of life. Because plastic makes up a larger percentage of waste in landfills and uses fossil fuel, our future outlook on plastic packaging can make or break our health. This is another reason why there are sustained efforts to shift from plastic-based packaging to greener packaging methods.

Increases your Profit

If there’s one thing businesses always have in mind is profit. There are countless ways of increasing the bottom line, and one of them is using sustainable packaging materials or recycling certain products. For example, it is easier to recycle aluminum than to mine it. The same analogy can be applied across multiple industries, especially as more companies adopt alternative packaging methods that reduce environmental degradation.

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