Using Pulp Packaging Inserts for Personal Care Products

Using Pulp Packaging Inserts for Personal Care Products

12 Mar 2021

Using pulp packaging inserts can be beneficial for your personal care product business's growth because it directly impacts your products' protection, unboxing experience, and brand image. Your sales, brand image, and the customer's unboxing experience can be affected if you send your product with poor presentation. Even if we sideline the visuals and unboxing experience, it is still very important to protect your personal care products when clients purchase them. This is where the role of inserts comes into play. 

One of the main benefits of box inserts is that your product won't move inside the box, and your customers will receive a safe and undamaged product. 

You can also present your products more beautifully by having window patching or window cuts as it will allow your product to be shown without even opening the box. 

Why do you need pulp packaging inserts?


Molded pulp packaging manufacturers use different materials to make box packaging inserts that can act as the base for your products to sit properly. It is designed in a way to absorb the external as well as internal shocks and to reduce the movement of the products inside the box. 

The pulp packaging inserts are also best for packaging unusually shaped and unconventional products such as personal care as it fits the products in a rectangle or square shape. It can also be used for dividing the box into several sections for including more than one product in the box. 

Below are some of the popular inserts which are easily available in the market. A brief description is also given for every option to discuss why these are the perfect choice for your personal care product packaging.

Cardboard inserts


If you want to hold your products in place, the cardboard inserts are best for you as corrugated sheets are precisely cut and shaped. These corrugated boxes can hold heavy products and are known for their design and heavy-duty nature. 

If you want to provide a protective or rigid space to secure your items, then these cardboard packaging inserts can also be used as this will fill in gaps between the product's location and the box's outer wall. If you compare it with any standard paperboard, you will find out that it can bear more weight than other standard paperboards. 

Similarly, the cardboard can be reused and recycled, which is one of its most significant advantages. No matter how small or heavy an item like a fridge is, these cardboard inserts are useful for protecting your items from getting damaged. 


Foam inserts

It won't be a lie if foam inserts are labeled as the most popular form of inserts right now. These are especially useful when you want to pack expensive and delicate items as well as keeping your products safe from temperature or heating. These are also useful for packaging those products that are more prone to scratches because other inserts such as cardboard inserts can be risky to use. 

Similarly, if you don't want the packaging's weight to increase, then these foam inserts are the best inserts for you as it weighs next to nothing and you can use them as much as you want or need to protect your important and expensive items. 

There is currently more focus on using eco-friendly products, so these foam inserts fall into that category as well, and you can recycle them easily. 


Molded pulp inserts

Pulp packaging inserts are identical to paper mache because they can be formed into shapes by using the custom molded pulp. Molded pulp inserts have many advantages, such as you can promote your company as eco-friendly because these molded pulp inserts are made from recycled materials. You can also reduce the cost by purchasing it in high quantity, and they are perfect for holding electronic items as they can absorb shocks and are lightweight. The majority of the companies are using molded pulp inserts for shipping commercial electronics as well as larger appliances. 


Molded plastic inserts

Although plastic packaging inserts work in the same way that molded foam works and is a popular choice, the only disadvantage is that the protection level is low when you compare it with molded foam inserts. 

You will see molded plastic inserts being used more in the food packaging industry, similar to the ones used for covering beverages. They are light, soft, and thin but the only disadvantage is that they can be damaged easily; however, these molded plastic inserts can be designed with snap-on tabs for securing the items.

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