Why Companies are Switching to Molded Pulp Packaging

Why Companies are Switching to Molded Pulp Packaging

30 Jul 2021

Wondering why companies are switching to molded pulp packaging and other sustainable packaging materials?

Particularly during the pandemic, companies across consumer-goods multiple sectors needed to find ways to deliver their products to customers at home and they needed sustainable packaging that was in alignment with their brand’s ethos and ethics. Molded pulp packaging solved their problems!

We have all been witness to the surprisingly positive effects that the pandemic had on the environment. More of us than ever spent time outdoors; hiking, near lakes or perhaps in our own gardens.

This time gave us the ability to reflect on what is important to us, as well as, presenting us a unique opportunity to reconnect with both nature and ourselves. 

We all love the convenience of ordering whatever we need from the internet; be it meal kits for a professional-looking dinnertime experience or cosmetics for an at-home spa experience. One thing left lingering in our minds, however, are issues about packaging.

Let’s take a look at three reasons why companies are switching to molded pulp packaging, to help their customers get a more green packaging experience.

But first, why is molded pulp packaging eco-friendly?

1. Environmental respect

Our molded pulp packaging is sustainable packaging as it is made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% biodegradable, helping your company to fully deliver on sustainable packaging.

2. Strong and durable

Our molded pulp packaging performs excellently at absorbing shocks and vibrations that are inevitable during the shipping process. It makes an excellent eco-friendly replacement for environmentally-damaging materials such as Styrofoam and plastics that are often used for internal packaging.

3. Lightweight (and cost-effective)

The lightweight build of molded pulp packaging means that it is cheaper to ship and store. This means that if you make the switch to sustainable packaging, you will be saving some serious $$$s. 

When IKEA adjusted the packaging of just one of its products, this led to savings of 1.2 million dollars within a year. Less waste in packaging leads to savings all-round.

Here are our three reasons to switch to molded pulp packaging:

1. Give the Consumers What They Want

GlobalWebIndex reported that 42% of consumers within the UK and US actively look for products that have green packaging. Further to that, consumers said that they are actually willing to pay more for an item that is sold in sustainable packaging over one that isn’t.

That means that we are now in a stage where new, up-and-coming companies are able to compete with the Goliaths of their sector by showing sustainability and eco-friendly packaging over that of their rival’s.

2. The environmental impact of molded pulp packaging is undeniable

Tetra-Pak reports that a mere 9% of total plastic is recycled, meaning that plastics, which take hundreds of years to decompose, are filling up the bellies of our local wildlife and sealife, which is in turn having a devastating effect on ecological diversity and our own health.

It only takes a teary-eyed viewing of an episode of Blue Planet to understand just how devastating this impact is. Plastic (and polystyrene) is undeniably one of the biggest environmental hazards that we face as a society, and our choices today will continue to make an impact for generations to come.

3. Increase your chances with retailers

With huge retailers, like Target, releasing sustainability packaging goals, it is heartening to know that large retailers are backing sustainable packaging. This is for one main reason: it’s what the consumers want.

In conclusion, increase your appeal to both customers and retailers today while also saving yourself money by choosing molded pulp packaging today, tailored to your specific needs.

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