Sustainable Packaging in the Healthcare Industry

Sustainable Packaging in the Healthcare Industry

15 Oct 2021

The healthcare industry is a good example of an industry everyone will utilize at some point in their lives, whether you need surgery or simply sprain your ankle. There is no denying how important it is, but it can definitely be changed! One example is in the common method of packaging items, which can be made more sustainable.

You may be asking yourself why sustainable packing in the healthcare industry matters. There are many reasons why, and the solutions are easier than you may think. 

Why is Sustainable Packaging Important?

Concern about climate change and damage to the environment is only increasing as the issues become more obvious. It is clear that something needs to be done! The obvious answers like cutting down on using fossil fuels or switching to solar energy are still valid, but one thing is often overlooked: packaging.

That’s right! Think about how much plastic and other harmful methods of packaging are used in our everyday lives. This is particularly true for the healthcare industry, where hospitals produce lots of waste with a good chunk of it being plastic. Sustainable packaging can reduce the amount of harmful plastics and non-biodegradable material entering landfills. 

Eco-friendly packaging is also important because climate change and environmental damage have bad impacts on people’s health. Isn’t it ironic that the healthcare industry could be negatively impacting health through something as simple as packaging? This is a key example of why sustainable packaging matters.

What Options Are Available for Eco-Friendly Packaging?

It is easy to see that sustainable packaging needs to be introduced to the healthcare industry, but actually going about it can be difficult. What exactly does eco-friendly packaging mean? To put it simply, eco-friendly packaging utilizes natural and biodegradable materials to package items without the use of harmful plastics.

Some items cannot be changed into a biodegradable material, but they can at least be encased in sustainable packaging. One excellent example of eco-friendly packaging is molded fiber and/or molded pulp packaging. Molded fiber and pulp is a type of packaging made from recycled newspaper or cardboard. It cuts down on carbon footprint and protects items just as well as harmful material like plastic or styrofoam. 

Molded fiber is a good protective packaging, and it is also cheap! Since it is made from recycled materials, the cost is not a barrier for healthcare locations hoping to use more sustainable packaging. Of course, you may be wondering where exactly you can locate molded fiber and other methods of eco-friendly packaging.

Molded Pulp Packaging is a company that offers 100% recycled and compostable packaging for businesses. Their packaging is lightweight, absorbs shock, and doesn’t take up more space than necessary. For the healthcare industry, Molded Pulp Packaging is a great alternative to the same-old plastic and styrofoam packaging that is used every day.

By using eco-friendly packaging, offices in the healthcare industry can help eliminate waste in landfills that harms the environment. Sustainable packaging is the future, and it can be easily found at Molded Pulp Packaging.

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