Sustainable Packaging: For More Than Just Earth Day!

Sustainable Packaging: For More Than Just Earth Day!

21 Apr 2023

Every April, Earth Day rolls around, imploring companies to evaluate their sustainability efforts and boast to customers about being green. One of the most popular ways that companies have sought to contribute to environmental awareness recently is through the adoption of sustainable packaging. However, sustainable packaging like molded pulp packaging is about far more than Earth Day! Let’s take a look at how this product can help your organization every day of the year. 

Give Back to the Earth

Of course, the most commonly cited benefit of sustainable packaging is the environmental one. Molded pulp packaging is produced from completely recycled products. It can also be recycled yet again, helping contribute to a circular economy. 

Additionally, since this type of packaging is made from plant fibers, it is completely biodegradable. If someone decides to toss their pulp packaging into the waste bin, it will biodegrade safely without causing damage to the environment. 

Give Back to Your Bottom Line

One thing that surprises many organizations is that shifting to molded pulp packaging is a great way not only to contribute to green initiatives but also to a particularly important type of green – their profit. Molded pulp packaging is a very affordable option for packaging, often cheaper to source than traditional packaging methods. 

Additionally, molded pulp packaging is very durable yet compact and lightweight. This tends to allow for lower shipping costs by reducing the weight and size of shipments. This can serve to decrease your shipping costs as the small savings on each shipment will add up significantly over the course of a year. 

Give Back to Customer Satisfaction with Sustainable Packaging

Every company wants its customers to be happy. After all, keeping customers returning to your business is a key to success. While there are many things that promote this, product packaging is one thing that can play a role. While many customers will see great value in your use of sustainable packaging, there are benefits to customers other than feeling good about reducing waste. 

Molded pulp packaging tends to be much easier to access than other types like plastic. This can make unboxing a far less frustrating experience. Quickly and easily accessing a product is a small thing but an important one in the overall customer experience. 

Further, Strengthen These Benefits with Custom Product Packaging

If you have specific packaging needs, leverage our state-of-the-art technology to create custom product packaging for you. Our process involves the careful design of the optimal way to protect your products while minimizing size and weight. 

We will work carefully to create a prototype for you and then put this into production once approved. If you have extensive packaging needs, this can be a way to save even more money and further increase customer satisfaction while continuing to celebrate a happy Earth Day year-round.

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