Reasons to Switch to Molded Pulp Packaging | Sustainable Packaging

Reasons to Switch to Molded Pulp Packaging | Sustainable Packaging

13 May 2022

Many organizations are looking for sustainable solutions. One effective way to improve on this lies in how you package items. Whether for shipment or sale, packaging provides a great opportunity to assess your eco-friendly practices. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why you should consider switching to molded pulp packaging. 

It’s Sustainable Packaging

One of the biggest reasons that companies are increasingly switching to molded pulp packaging is a desire to decrease their carbon footprint. This type of packaging is sourced from recycled materials and natural fibers. As such, it is both recyclable and biodegradable. It won’t take up space in landfills. 

However, there are more benefits to this sustainable packaging. It is produced with recycled material rather than petrochemicals, which means carbon emissions during production are reduced. It also has no toxins or allergens, something that cannot be said about plastic packaging. 

Molded Pulp Packaging is Affordable

Many people use plastic packaging and other types of items due to how inexpensive they are. You may be wondering what the added cost is for switching to a more environmentally friendly option. In reality, molded pulp packaging will likely save you money. It is less expensive to produce than materials like plastics. 

However, the affordability aspect does not simply relate to the cost of procuring the packaging. This type of packaging is also lighter weight and more compact, which tends to save money in terms of shipping costs. Thus, you can attain cost savings in two distinct ways. 

Improve Your Business’ Reputation

For many organizations, switching to molded pulp packaging allows them to better embrace green principles. This creates a great opportunity to leverage public relations to pivot a brand as an environmentally friendly company. If you are wanting to cultivate this image for your business, switching makes sense. 

For customers wanting to improve their own sustainable actions, this can be a huge selling point. More and more customers are finding environmental practices to be an important consideration in their purchasing decisions. You definitely don’t want eco-conscious customers to associate your brand with non-sustainable products and practices. 

Custom Product Packaging

Another major reason that many people decide to switch to molded pulp packaging is the ability to easily generate custom product packaging. If you have specific requirements for the items that you ship, it is rather easy to create a mold and make custom product packaging for your business using molded pulp. 

Using molded pulp to create custom product packaging can even enhance existing benefits such as affordability and space-saving as the packaging can be designed to be even more efficient. Since molded pulp creates durable packaging, custom-designed packaging can enhance the protection provided to your items while they are in transport. 

Final Thoughts

Molded pulp packaging is a sustainable packaging option that is also very affordable, helping organizations to improve their reputation. Additionally, the ability to design custom product packaging makes switching to molded pulp a convenient and customizable solution for your organization.

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