How to Use Molded Pulp Packaging in Food Service

How to Use Molded Pulp Packaging in Food Service

22 Apr 2022

If you run a restaurant, diner, takeout shop, or catering company, you likely use a lot of containers. After all, your patrons have to transport their takeout or leftovers somehow. In today’s world that is increasingly focused on sustainability, you’ve probably thought about how much plastic or Styrofoam waste is being created. Fortunately, there is an affordable solution that is environmentally friendly and won’t reduce the quality of your takeout containers: molded pulp packaging. 

What is Molded Pulp Packaging? 

Pulp packaging is essentially containers that are made from a wide variety of fibrous materials. These can include natural fibers or recycled paper. It is used for protective packaging and has the additional benefit of being able to be custom-created in a wide variety of shapes and styles. 

Think of pulp packaging as a durable box only with the ability to have round and complex shapes. For foodservice, molded pulp packaging is perfect as it is durable, sustainable, and even cheaper than plastic. 

How to Use Pulp Packaging in Food Service

Switching from Styrofoam and plastic to pulp packaging in your restaurant or food service business is relatively easy to do. For most restaurants, you simply need to order pre-made to-go supplies that are made from this sustainable packaging material. With a wide variety of plates, bowls, boxes, and even ramekins in different sizes, your needs are likely able to be easily addressed. 

However, we recognize that some restaurants may have unique needs based on specialty items that they are selling. For those needing a particular design, custom product packaging can be designed that will meet your exact storage needs. Custom product packaging is always an option for needs not met by pre-made products and still provides the same benefits as other forms of molded pulp packaging. 

Why Should I Use Sustainable Packaging for My Restaurant? 

There are many benefits to using this type of material for your to-go containers. The most notable will be financial as pulp is less expensive than plastic. You’ll likely reduce your overhead cost, something that every restaurant can appreciate. 

Another benefit is the contribution to the environment. Made with recyclable materials and completely biodegradable, molded pulp packaging is sustainable packaging. You can rest assured that you won’t be contributing to environmental harm and can market this decision to eco-conscious customers. 

Finally, advancements in molded pulp packaging in recent years have made the containers smooth, attractive, and incredibly durable. They are as durable as plastic and more durable than Styrofoam. Ultimately, a switch to molded pulp packaging will save you money, help your customers, and allow you to provide the same quality containers your customers are used to.

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