Is Compostable Packaging A Cost-Effective Option?

Is Compostable Packaging A Cost-Effective Option?

13 Apr 2021

One of the leading concerns for packaging companies is how to further integrate sustainable and compostable packaging as part of their solutions. Sustainable packaging has many proponents because it efficiently solves problems caused by plastic packaging and therefore results in less environmental degradation. Green packaging is biodegradable meaning that it’s compostable and not harmful to the environment.

However, the other side of the coin that many leading industries and professionals don’t see is that molded packaging not only contributes to less waste but also makes a huge difference when it comes to cost-saving. The simplest way for businesses to increase their bottom-line is to increase the use of molded paper pulp trays since they offer impeccable protection apart from being cheaper.


Designs of Cost-Saving Packaging

Even as there are myriads of sustainable packaging inventions to date, there are fewer kinds of packaging that stand out. For example, sustainable plastic packaging made off of polylactic acid, built from organic, renewable sources such as corn and sugarcane. Unlike conventional plastic packaging, polylactic acid-derived trays are degradable.

Another option of green packaging is derived from dairy products. These are made from dairy and dairy byproducts like casein and whey. The telling difference between this packaging to other popular options is that since it is made from dairy products it can also be edible in some cases.

While there are a plethora of packaging options for companies looking to cut costs to choose from, there is a misleading notion among many CFOs and business professionals that making the switch to molded packaging can cost more in the long run.


Molded Pulp Packaging Saves Money

There are many ways that eco-friendly, degradable packaging can help a company make more profit. First, it features top-shelf protection in a slimmer package meaning that more gadgets or produce can be shipped or stored in the same space. The reduced footprint of compostable packaging makes it lighter to work with. And since molded pulp packaging costs less than conventional solutions, businesses can make huge savings by adopting compostable packaging in their retail.

The other financial advantage of using compostable packaging is that shipments can be optimized for transportation. Because molded pulp packaging leads to optimized utilization of cargo space, transportation is as effective as possible and reduces the number of shipping trips since cargo space now holds more goods.


The Customer is Always Right

A rather overlooked advantage of eco-conscious packaging is that it makes companies more money not only through savings but also rakes in more revenue from customers who prefer to have their goods supplied using sustainable packaging methods. Worldwide there is a shift towards sustainable packaging, and the call towards environmental protection is becoming a corporate responsibility, a solid reason why many prefer biodegradable packaging.

Moreover, some policies oblige businesses to use a certain percentage of green products in their production cycle. Government departments, leading food producers and distributors, and manufacturing companies occasionally mandate companies they partner with to incorporate sustainable packaging. By substituting green for plastic packaging, you place your business at an advantage to win more customers who prefer to deal with eco-friendly packaging.

Sustainable packaging is not only beneficial to the environment but also to companies who make this switch. Your company needs to consider switching to eco-friendly packaging so that you fully unlock the full potential of making this change.



Your company stands to gain from making the switch to the various options of sustainable packaging.

This initiative should not only be incorporated in the production cycle but also reach all your affiliated vendors to ensure the advantages are cut across. The best way to start is to move one step at a time, evaluate the results, and take your objectives for the long haul.

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