Custom Product Packaging: Eco-Friendly and Affordable

Custom Product Packaging: Eco-Friendly and Affordable

24 Sep 2021

While custom product packaging is certainly not something many people spend a lot of time thinking about, it is quite important for many companies. The cost of product packaging contributes to the overhead of operating a business. Meanwhile, consumers are increasingly seeking out environmentally friendly companies who use sustainable packaging materials and practices. 

Chances are that when you hear the term “custom designed,” your initial thought involves dollar signs. After all, custom product packaging is typically associated with higher prices. However, when the realm of packaging is involved, the reality is that custom product packaging can be both sustainable and affordable. There are many benefits of molded pulp packaging, a custom product packaging solution that provides affordability while helping improve your brand’s commitment to the environment. Let’s look at the benefits of utilizing these sustainable packaging materials. 


Traditional plastic packaging methods are horrible for the environment and often not recycled. However, molded pulp packaging helps solve this problem. Not only can this type of packaging be made from recycled materials, it is also easy to recycle itself. Additionally, if it does end up in a landfill, it is easily biodegradable, meaning the packaging won’t have a negative impact on the environment. 


Molded pulp packaging is made through a different process than traditional cardboard, meaning that it is not created in sheets. Instead, it can be produced with rounded corners and in a number of three dimensional shapes. This makes this form of green packaging great for things such as eco-friendly dinnerware and other uses. 

Improved Profit

Custom product packaging solutions like this are stackable, which means you can optimize your shipping to reduce volume. The lower volume often results in lower shipping costs and the ability to ship more per truckload. For companies doing their own shipping, this can help to decrease labor costs as well. Additionally, these options are quite affordable, helping you to optimize your overhead.


Another major benefit of custom molded pulp packaging is its strength. It has been repeatedly tested against impacts such as drops and shocks. It also has impressive resistance to poor weather. Thus, you can rest assured that your products will make it to their final destination in good shape, resulting in fewer unhappy customers. 

Final Thoughts

For companies wanting to invest in green packaging, custom product packaging made from molded pulp provides an economical option. This type of custom product packaging is great for its sustainability, strength, customizability, and help with your bottom line. 

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