Difference Between Molded Paper Pulp Packaging vs Plastic Packaging

Difference Between Molded Paper Pulp Packaging vs Plastic Packaging

17 Oct 2023

When it comes to product packaging, plastic is the most commonly used material. Although it is a typically low-cost alternative for businesses, it still harms the environment and kills up to one million sea animals each year. It is 2023, and it's time for businesses to take a stance and fight to save the planet we live in. One excellent and inventive option is to replace plastic in packaging with molded pulp. Discover the distinction between sustainable pulp packaging and plastic product packaging below!

Difference between plastic product packaging and molded paper pulp packaging

The entry of plastic items into daily life has offered people a lot of ease, but some plastic ones, particularly the white pollution created by it, are also alarming. When waste plastic packaging enters the environment, it is difficult to break down, resulting in long-term and deep-seated consequences. Ecological and environmental concerns.

First, discarded plastic packaging in the soil impairs crop absorption of nutrients and water, resulting in agricultural yield decrease. Furthermore, animals consume waste plastic packaging left on land or in bodies of water as food, causing animal fatalities. Sorted waste plastics, like molded paper pulp packaging, cannot also be recycled. Every plastic product ever created is still there in some way or another in our surroundings. In reality, 40% of all plastic produced globally is used for packaging.

Unlike plastic packaging, molded pulp is one of the best packaging solutions thanks to its ecologically friendly materials. Because it is constructed of recycled materials, this packaging has less impact on the environment and can also save money on shipping expenses. 

The Advantages of Molded Pulp Over Plastic Packaging

One of the primary reasons why businesses are rapidly switching to molded pulp packaging is a desire to reduce their carbon impact. It is made of recycled materials and natural fibers. Thus, molded pulp packaging is durable, recyclable and biodegradable. It will not take up any landfill space as well. 

Second, pulp-molded packaging can make products of diverse specifications and complicated shapes, allowing it to satisfy the packaging demands of items of various shapes, ease isolation and placement, and avoid collisions. The paper is soft and light, and the entire structure has sufficient strength and stiffness to provide appropriate protection and cushioning.

Last but not least, the raw materials utilized in paper molded items are extensive and may be recycled. The products have a high recycling rate. Waste products from production, as well as finished products, can be utilized as raw materials for re-production.

Final Thoughts

Molded pulp is not only affordable and environmentally beneficial in its production process, but it is also biodegradable and compostable, reducing overall waste. If molded pulp replaced plastic, our world and the natural environments would witness a significant shift toward sustainable living, and at a minimal personal cost. Visit our website for additional information on how this packaging might help your business.

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