Can Molded Pulp Packaging Be Recycled?

Can Molded Pulp Packaging Be Recycled?

13 Jan 2023

Many companies are switching to more sustainable packaging in order to improve their commitment to environmental protection. Thus, it is understandable that companies tend to have questions about the types of materials used in making their packaging, often wondering if their packaging can be recycled. As a leading provider of molded pulp packaging and custom product packaging, we are here to answer your questions about the sustainability of our products. 

How is Molded Pulp Packaging Produced? 

Molded pulp packaging is produced from recycled paper, making it a great option for sustainable packaging. Specifically, most of this type of packaging is created from recycled cardboard and newsprint. These fibrous materials are carefully processed. 

Once processed, they are molded into a desired shape. Molded pulp is frequently used in the food service industry. However, improved technology has made it easy from it to also be used to create custom product packaging for virtually anything as it is easy to produce 3-dimensional shapes. 

Is Molded Pulp Packaging Recyclable? 

While it is clear that molded pulp packaging is made from material that has already been recycled, many companies want to know if the packaging itself can be recycled again. This type of packaging can certainly be recycled. In fact, it can be recycled right back into more molded pulp products, making it a great choice for sustainable packaging. 

In addition to being able to be recycled, molded pulp packaging is also easily compostable. It is an eco-friendly product with virtually no negative environmental impact. It is easily biodegradable and made completely from natural substances. 

Is Custom Product Packaging Recyclable? 

Custom product packaging is made using state-of-the-art software to design custom packaging for specific products. This process also uses molded pulp to form the final material used in packaging. Thus, it is just as recyclable as any standard molded pulp packaging that you may use. 

When you take advantage of creating custom product packaging for your products, you get the advantages such as cost reduction and durability. Plus, you get a sustainable packaging solution that will please your customers. Additionally, since it is made using recycled paper, it is much more affordable than other types of custom packaging that use materials that can take a long time to biodegrade, making it a win-win! 

Final Thoughts

Rest assured that this durable product is also easily recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. In addition to being made from 100% recycled material, it can continue to live on many times as it can keep being recycled. Take a look at our website for more information about how your business can benefit from this packaging.

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