Back-to-School Sustainable Swaps

Back-to-School Sustainable Swaps

21 Aug 2023

It’s that time again when children and teens flock back to school. For parents, this means many things like back-to-school shopping and new schedules. It is also a great time to try new changes around the home. One goal for many families is to have more sustainable swaps. Thus, here are some ideas for back-to-school sustainable swaps that can easily enhance your environmental awareness. 

Swap Plastic Bags and Containers for Molded Pulp Packaging

For students who bring their lunch to school, using containers made from plastic and plastic bags can be very harmful to the environment. Instead, opt for molded pulp packaging products. These dinnerware and container supplies are made from recycled paper products. They are 100% compostable and recyclable, meaning they generate zero waste. 

Sustainable Swap: Plastic for Reusable Metal Water Bottle

Metal water bottles are incredibly trendy due to their eco-friendly nature. These bottles are durable and easy to clean. Additionally, since plastic is one of the most damaging things filling our landfills, cutting out one-use plastic water bottles will make a big difference in helping protect our planet. Plus, your child can express their personality by choosing a design that fits them or their water bottle. 

Swap Traditional Paper for Recycled Paper

If you have a budding young artist, chances are that they are rapidly filling notebooks with doodles and drawings. Even if they aren’t into drawing, schools require a large number of paper products. Consider opting for recycled paper the next time you go to make purchases. This can be a decision you make in regard to a variety of types of products such as notebooks, stationery, construction paper, and other items. Buying recycled paper helps support a circular economy where items are repurposed or reused instead of tossed into the trash. 

Get a Reusable Backpack

Many children get a new backpack at the beginning of every school year. This is understandable as backpacks take a lot of wear and tear, often breaking down over the course of an academic year. However, instead of opting for a traditional backpack this year, consider investing in something a little more durable. Paying just a small bit more for a backpack will allow you to get one that will hold up for several years. In addition to reducing waste, this will save you money in the long term. 

Make These Easy Choices to Move Closer to an Eco-Friendly Household

One of the reasons we began working with molded pulp packaging is because we believe in the importance of taking care of the planet and helping the environment. Thus, we are always happy when people decide to make choices that are more environmentally friendly. For parents wanting to start the school year by making more environmentally conscious choices, these four eco-friendly swaps can help you promote a sustainable swap without breaking the bank.

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